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The Eifel National Park with a ranger at your side

Rangers are employees of the National Park authority and are qualified nature and landscape conservationists. They are the best points of contact for visitors to the National Park and have a great deal of useful knowledge regarding the conservation area, as well as a whole host of anecdotes. Rangers also ensure that all guests adhere to the National Park rules and provide first aid when required. National Park rangers are also tasked with maintaining paths and signposts.

Rangers bring the natural world to life with different senses, with examples that you can touch, hear and smell. As a result, all ranger tours are also an attractive proposition for the blind and visually impaired. However, as the tours take you over a variety of terrains, the National Park Authority recommends that blind participants bring a chaperone.

The walks are also suitable for those with a hearing impairment: if you register with the Eifel National Park Authority in advance (02444 9510-0), the ranger will bring a mobile amplifier (with an inductive neck loop or headphones) to the walk.

German-language ranger tours take place in the Eifel National Park almost every day. They are free of charge and do not need to be booked in advance.

If you are coming with a larger group, please register in advance by phoning 02444 9510-0.