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The “Dreams of Wilderness” interactive exhibition invites you to embark on a journey of discovery

The new visitor centre in the historical Forum Vogelsang IP – in the heart of Eifel National Park – has been housing the “Wildnis(t)räume” (Dreams of Wilderness/Wilderness Spaces) exhibition since September 2016. It is a barrier-free, family-friendly, interactive experience for young and old!

Find out surprising facts, admire, discover and research, reflect and comprehend or simply have an inspiring time.  The exhibition has something for the whole family and for every age group. There are modern stagings and an appealing atmosphere, stations to try things out and play, models and stuffed animals that you can touch, plant fragrances to sniff, audio and animal noises to listen to. And plenty of new perspectives to give you a better sense of nature.

Starting with a stroll “From the crown to the root” of a beech forest, you will discover the water worlds of the Eifel and discover the senses of the various animals. Gain an insight into the diversity of the species, into cycles and survival strategies and into the “magic of the wilderness”. This fascinating journey following in the footsteps of biological diversity takes you from the Eifel to distant continents. It is available in German, English, French and Dutch.

The content is available in plain language, in sign language and as an audio description. A tactile paving system leads the way through the seven parts of the exhibition, which are also easily accessible for wheelchairs and buggies. The “Travel for All” certificate confirms the barrier-free accessibility that we provide in all areas.

There is plenty to do before or after your visit to “Wildnis(t)räumen” (Dreams of Wilderness/Wilderness Spaces): the Vogelsang IP site and a National Socialist documentation centre about its turbulent history, information and a shop in the central visitor centre, a sociable atmosphere in the restaurant and a walk in the countryside. Whatever the weather, the expansive views over the Urft reservoir, the densely forested mountainsides and the open grassy landscapes of Eifel National Park are most impressive and can even be enjoyed from the panorama room within the “Wildnis(t)räumen” (Dreams of Wilderness/Wilderness Spaces) exhibition. 

  • The exhibition is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

  • Eifel National Park Centre offers guided tours, special programmes for groups, school classes and pre-schoolers as well as excellent barrier-free accessibility.

The "Dreams of the Wilderness" has been certified by "Tourismus für Alle" and described as being appropriate to the target group. You can download the detailed reports here or obtain them from the National Park authority.

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the exhibition or wish to make a booking.


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