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Environmentally friendly transport in the wilderness of tomorrow

The National Park is well-connected to the rail network thanks to the train stations at Kall and in Heimbach. From there, you can travel by bus to various places in and around the National Park.

If you are travelling from Cologne, the National Park gates of Gemünd, Heimbach and Nideggen are only around 1.5 hours away. Vogelsang is a similar distance. If you are coming from Aachen, you can reach the Höfen or Rurberg National Park gates in around an hour. A bike bus travels to the National Park from Aachen on Sundays between May and October.

If you are travelling from Trier, you are around three hours from Vogelsang and the National Park gate at Gemünd. Buses, bike buses, trains and even boats connect the towns around the National Park and also serve the various starting points for walks. The meeting points provide information about how to reach these special places.

Enjoy free transport on buses and trains with the GästeCard. The “Natur erfahren - mit Bus & Bahn” (Experience nature - by bus & train) leaflet published by Aachen Verkehrsverbund (AVV) and the county of Euskirchen provides a general overview of all the lines that pass through the National Park region. You can download it here.

Arrival on four wheels

The National Park is easily accessible via four motorways. The A1 motorway runs to the east. The A4 motorway passes to the north. The A44 runs near the northwestern part of the National Park. And the E42 / A27 runs through Belgium to the west of the National Park.

A large signpost shows the way to the National Park on the aforementioned German motorways. If you take these exits, you simply need to follow the signs until you reach the next National Park gate or Eifel National Park Centre at the International Platz Vogelsang.