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Vogelsang-Wollseifen route ranger tour

Enjoy spectacular views of the Dreiborn Plateau Natural forests and ecologically valuable open landscapes accompany you and the ranger on your way from Vogelsang to the deserted medieval village of Wollseifen – a historic location that you will learn all about on the tour. Around half of the three-hour walk features benches for you to rest on.

    When?   Sundays, 1pm
    Where?  Eifel National Park Centre (at the ranger’s hut)

Also suitable for OAPs, visually impaired and blind guests (with chaperone), children and buggies that can cope off-road. 

Nationalparkverwaltung Eifel

Nationalparkverwaltung Eifel

Urftseestraße 34
53937 Schleiden-Gemünd