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Monastery route ranger tour

First, the ranger will lead you along the Schwammenauel reservoir before taking you into the Kermeter beech forest. There is a chance to stop for a bite to eat at the Mariawald Abbey, before you make your way back.

The tour is around 12 kilometres long and takes you along steep, in part unpaved, paths. The length and altitude changes within the walk mean that it is classed as challenging.

    When?   Fridays, 11.15 am. Please note that this tour currently alternates fortnightly with the ranger tour Erkensruhr (and not weekly)! Our calendar of events provides an overview.

    Where?  Heimbach National Park gate

Also suitable for people with hearing difficulties, blind and visually impaired people, and families. 

Nationalparkverwaltung Eifel

Nationalparkverwaltung Eifel

Urftseestraße 34
53937 Schleiden-Gemünd