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Erkensruhr ranger tour

This walk has plenty to offer and the participants can choose what they want to experience: you will either walk through the Dedenborn beech forest on narrow paths, or you can experience the broad plains of the Dreiborn Plateau. The walk is four to five hours long and includes medium to difficult ascents.

    When?   Fridays, 11am. 

Please note that this tour currently alternates fortnightly with the ranger tour Kloster Route (and not weekly)! Our calendar of events provides an overview.


    Where?  Erkensruhr playground car park

Suitable for people with hearing difficulties, blind and visually impaired guests, and families. 

Nationalparkverwaltung Eifel

Nationalparkverwaltung Eifel

Urftseestraße 34
53937 Schleiden-Gemünd