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From Heimbach it is a relatively easy 17.7 kilometre hike to Hürtgenwald-Zerkall

So you will enjoy the following things all the more:

  • the National Park Gate at Heimbach station
  • the Hetzinger forest, a diverse mixed forest, with its many gnarled oaks
  • the beautiful Schliebach valley
  • the National Park Information Point in Zerkall

Tips for a lazy day off in Hürtgenwald-Zerkall

(Tips for Heimbach are to be found under Section 3):

  • Do a kayak or canoe trip from Heimbach to Zerkall on the Rur river (available from 15th July to 28th February).
  • Visit the National Park Information Point in Zerkall
  • Visit Nideggen castle.
  • Visit the National Park Gate in Nideggen, with its fully accessible exhibition on "Nature's Treasure Chest". Audiophones are available to allow you to experience the exhibition in German, Dutch, French or English.

Eifel National Park hosts for hikers in the surrounding:

  • Hotel "Haus Seeblick", Nideggen-Schmidt (ca. 8 km)
  • Hotel "Zum alten Fritz", Nideggen-Schmidt (ca. 8 km)
  • Landhotel "Kallbach", Hürtgenwald-Simonskall (ca. 12 km)