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The first section of the Wilderness Trail leads from Monschau-Höfen to Simmerath-Einruhr

On the 24.7 kilometre section between the National Park Gate in Monschau-Höfen and Simmerath-Einruhr, you will pass the following:

  • the free, fully accessible and multilingual exhibition at the National Park Gate in Höfen on daffodil meadows and changing forests
  • romantic valley meadows that will enchant you in spring with their yellow sea of wild daffodils, and in summer with their fragrant wild herbs
  • the idyllic Erkensruhr valley
  • the natural forest reserve "Im Brand"
  • the beginnings of the broad Dreiborn plateau
  • the breathtaking high altitude path near Hirschrott
  • the magnificent view over the Obersee reservoir
  • the National Park Information Point in Einruhr

The section from Höfen to Einruhr is the most challenging of the four sections of the Wilderness Trail. As well as being comparatively long, this section involves a significant climb.

Tips for a lazy day off in Monschau-Höfen

  • Take a stroll through the old part of the former cloth-making town of Monschau with its historical half-timbered houses, or try the famous mustard from its mustard mill.
  • Another interesting free visit can be made to the National Park Gate in Höfen. The exhibition on daffodil meadows and changes in the forest is multilingual and fully accessible, i.e. also suitable for people with disabilities.

Eifel National Park hosts for hikers in Höfen and surroundings:

  • Bistro "Alte Molkerei" at National Park Gate in Höfen
  • Hotel "Lindenhof" in Monschau
  • Holiday flat "Küpper" in Monschau-Kalterherberg (ca. 5 km)

Tips for a lazy day off in Simmerath-Einruhr

  • The National Park Information Point and hikers' refuge in the Heilsteinhaus in the centre of the village is worth a visit.
  • Many a local swears by the iron-rich water of the Heilstein spring, which bubbles from the ground in the courtyard of the Heilsteinhaus. Why not try it yourself?
  • Take a refreshing dip in the natural lido.
  • From April to October you can take a trip on one of the electric ferries of the Rursee shipping company on the Obersee reservoir or the Rur Lake.
  • You can for example reach Rurberg, with its National Park Gate and free exhibition on "Arteries of Nature", by electric boat - without expending any of your own muscle power!

Eifel National Park hosts for hikers in Einruhr and surroundings:

  • Restaurant "Eifelhaus" in Einruhr
  • Campsite "Camp Hammer" in Simmerath-Hammer (ca. 8 km)
  • Hotel "Zum kleinen Seehof" in Simmerath-Woffelsbach (ca. 8 km)
  • Hotel-Restaurant "Genießer Wirtshaus" in Simmerath-Rurberg (ca. 6 km)
  • Hotel-Restaurant "Ziegler" in Simmerath-Rurberg (ca. 5 km)
  • Hotel-Restaurant "Paulushof" in Simmerath-Rurberg (ca. 5 km)