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Ski runs and cleared hiking trails are a wonderful wintry experience in nature

Fans of cross-country skiing can experience three ski runs in the southern part of the Eifel National Park when the conditions allow. The ski runs begin at the car parks in Rothe Kreuz and Wahlerscheid on the 258 road between Schleiden and Monschau-Höfen. They are all five kilometres long and can be combined to create a route of five, ten or 15 kilometres.

Please stick to the designated paths when cross-country skiing in the National Park. Cross-country skiing outside of the ski runs is not permitted. Wild animals reduce their energy uptake in the winter and, when they are disturbed or have to flee, consume immense energy reserves , which they desperately need to survive during this season. Staying on the designated ski runs protects the wild animals living in the National Park.

Information boards depicting the designated ski runs can be found at the aforementioned starting points. When the ski slopes are open and have been cleared they are marked with signposts.

As the ski slopes, some of which also run outside the National Park and through the Monschau municipal forest, are exclusively for the use of cross-country skiers, the National Park Authority also clears winter hiking trails from both car parks in the case of heavy snowfall. This means that you can enjoy a winter experience in nature.    

Winter hiking

The National Park has a special appeal when the picturesque landscape is covered in a blanket of white. In order to allow walkers to enjoy this natural spectacle at close hand, the National Park Authority clears certain hiking trails when the snowfall is high. The maps, which you can download here, depict the cleared and accessible hiking trails. Please follow the National Park rules to protect the animals and plants.