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Barrier-free Wilder Kermeter natural adventure centre

A 6.2 kilometre network of paths makes the nature of the Kermeter accessible to people with and without disabilities. The forest paths in the adventure area gravelled. Hirschley viewpoint lies some 2.7 kilometres away. Here the forests open out to provide expansive views over the Rur reservoir.

The elevation of the footpath leading to the viewpoint is no more than six percent. You can also turn it into a round walk. This round walk does, however, contain longer sections with inclines and descents of up to eight percent. From the “Black Cross” intersection of paths, you can also take a detour to a further viewpoint. This viewpoint provides lovely views of the former National Socialist “Ordensburg”; now the International Platz (International Square) of Vogelsang.

The tactile map table in the centre of the picnic area provides an overview of the barrier-free network of paths. A printed map, sheltered under a roof, provides further information about the network of paths in the region.

A certified nature experiece

The Wilder Kermeter has been certified by "Reisen für Alle" and described as being appropriate to the target group. You can download the detailed report here (in german) or obtain them from the National Park authority.          

How to get here

The Wild Kermeter is easily accessible by various bus routes. Please plan your journey to and from the barrier-free bus stop Wilder Kermeter (Schleiden Wolfgarten Wilder Kermeter) here. A barrier-free footpath leads from the bus stop with guide system for the blind to the Kermeter rest area.

Three National Park bus routes take you comfortably from Heimbach and Gemünd to the Wild Kermeter. Heimbach and Gemünd enjoy good public transport connections to cities such as Cologne, Bonn, Aachen, Düren and Euskirchen.

  • Bus 231 all year round and daily (timetable)
  • The KermeterShuttle (line 814) on weekends and public holidays from Easter to All Saints' Day (timetable). The service is supplemented by shuttle trips from the Wilden Kermeter to the Urft reservoir.
  • The "Mäxchen" (Line M) at weekends and public holidays from Easter to All Saints' Day. (timetable)
  • In the summer months it is possible to travel to and from the ranger tour by bus

The barrier-free nature experience area Wilder Kermeter can be reached by car via the Kermeter high road (L 15) between Schleiden-Gemünd/-Wolfgarten and Heimbach-Schwammenauel. From the car park, a ground guidance system leads to the starting point of the trail network at the Kermeter rest area.